camping Pogorzelica

Oglądasz Pogorzelica (Rewal / gryficki / zachodniopomorskie).
Czy chodziło Ci o:

  • Camping Pik
    price from 22 PLN
    number of beds: 200

    Camping Pik

    Extra bed 30 PLN per person. Additional information: prices depend on season. Children up to 3 years old free of charge. Additional fee for parking 10 PLN per day. Dog or other pet 10 PLN per day. Check-in & check-out time from 16.00 to 12.00 in the day of departure. Rooms for 2, 3/4, 4/5 person...
  • Tent Site Na Morskiej
    price from 20 PLN
    number of beds: 70

    Tent Site Na Morskiej

  • Pensjonat  Cora Camping
    price from 30 PLN

    Pensjonat Cora Camping

    Campsite's price list per night: person 11-14 PLN, tent 10-15 PLN, car 8-10 PLN, dog 10 PLN. Some rooms with bathrooms, of high standard.
  • Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy U Dudusia
    price from 50 PLN
    number of beds: 40

    Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy U Dudusia

    Rooms: with bathrooms. Room is equipped with: TV. Bungalow consists of: 2 bedrooms, dining room, living-room, bathroom, kitchen. On the premises: parking lot. The facility is open: from May to September.
  • Bungalow Swojskie Klimaty
    price from 30 PLN
    number of beds: 10

    Bungalow Swojskie Klimaty

    Bungalows camping bungalows. Bungalows is equipped with: bedclothes, fridge, radio. On the premises parking. Additionally on the premises: garden, place for grill, place for bonfire. We invite you to take advantage of our offer - satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Camping No. 192 Klif
    price from 37 PLN
    number of beds: 150

    Camping No. 192 Klif

    Campsite's price list per night adult 21 PLN, child 18 PLN, person with tent 19-28 PLN, caravan 18-30 PLN, parking lot for car 14 PLN, electricity 17 PLN. We accept pets. The facility is open all year round. For the active guest we offer: table tennis, skill games. For the active guest stud farm. Nu...
  • Camping Bartek
    price from 15 PLN
    number of beds: 200

    Camping Bartek

    Additional information: prices depend on season. Additionally local fee. Check-in & check-out time from 15.00 to 12.00 on the day of departure. Campsite's price list per night: person 15 PLN, caravan 15 PLN, electricity 7 PLN, car 5 PLN. Bungalows mobile, for 6 persons. Bungalow consists of: 2 bedro...
  • Holiday Cottage Ibiza
    price from 23 PLN
    number of beds: 40

    Holiday Cottage Ibiza

    The accommodation price includes parking lot, local fee, Internet access. Additionally, the fee for electricity. Extra bed 35 PLN per person. Additionally paid: refundable deposit 200 PLN. Detailed price list is available on the private website. Check-in & check-out time from 16.00 to 10.00 on the...
  • Camping Arka
    price from 40 PLN
    number of beds: 90

    Camping Arka

    Night's lodging 40-60 PLN in room, 40-60 PLN in suite, 40-60 PLN in bungalow. The accommodation price includes VAT. High season: 14.07 - 18.08. Check-in & check-out time from 14.00 to 10.00 on the day of departure. Bungalows for 4-5 persons, with bathrooms and kitchenettes. Apartments for 4 pers...

  • Holiday Resort Na Wydmie
    price from 33 PLN
    number of beds: 250

    Holiday Resort Na Wydmie

    Additional information: prices depend on season. Guarantee of the reservation is advance payment of 30% of the cost of stay. Additionally local fee 1,80 PLN per person per night. A charge for a dog or other pet 15-20 PLN per day. Rooms with bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with: wireless Internet acc...
  • Campsite  Jantar
    price from 16 PLN
    number of beds: 70

    Campsite Jantar

    Bungalows camping bungalows, with all sanitary facilities, with kitchenettes. The facility is open from May to September. For children play-ground. The facility is located in the forest. To the sea 800 m.
  • Holiday Resort Narcyz
    price from 35 PLN
    number of beds: 60

    Holiday Resort Narcyz

    Check-in & check-out time from 14.00. Campsite's price list per night: person with tent, car 40 PLN, electricity 5 PLN. Rooms with bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with TV. At guests' disposal: fully equipped kitchen, living-room. On the premises free parking lot. Additionally on the premises Campsite...

  • Agroturystyka Pod Wiązem
    price from 25 PLN
    number of beds: 30

    Agroturystyka Pod Wiązem

    Night's lodging: 30 PLN per person, 25 PLN in low season. Children: up to 8 years old 15 PLN per night. Campsite's price list per night: tent 10 PLN, person 15 PLN, child 7,50 PLN. Rooms are equipped with: TV. At guests' disposal: bathrooms, fully equipped kitchenette. Additionally on the premise...