Zielony Dom Skrzetuszewo

Zielony Dom Skrzetuszewo
698 30...
per night from
50 PLN
number of beds
Skrzetuszewo, Kiszkowo, wielkopolskie
The facility is open all year round

Prices - additional information

we offer room type number price [PLN] features
roomfor 2 person(s)2170/roomno smoking
roomfor 3 person(s)2180/roomno smoking
roomfor 4 person(s)1220/roomno smoking
roomfor 5 person(s)1250/roomno smoking
dwelling housefor 16 personal1900-1000/homeno smoking,with kitchen

Green House - 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a total of 19 beds, 2 fold-out sofas. You can rent individual rooms or the whole house.

The price of the house for exclusivity, when renting for min. 2 nights for up to 16 people is PLN 900.

For a stay of more than 16 people, an additional payment of PLN 55 per person per night.

House layout - 5 mezzanines. Rooms located on the mezzanine floors: one or two rooms and a bathroom. The middle mezzanine is a common space: a living room with a library (books, movies), a large table for board games. Next to the playroom for small children. There is a large kitchen downstairs.


We do not smoke or drink alcohol at the Green House. For events, you should rent a room adjacent to the house, with a kitchen equipped with large refrigerators, dishwasher, pots, crockery for 20 people. The cost of the room is PLN 250. In front of the hall, in the arcades, there is a place for a grill, a table and sofas for smokers.

Included in the price: Internet access, parking, barbecue, large sitting area in front of the house. Access to a wild beach on private property, 1.5 km away, on Lake Lednica.

For an extra charge:
- organization of events, e.g. hen parties, meetings, educational days, etc.
- kayaks, the possibility of organizing trips,

- Bicycle Rental,

- paintball in Pobiedziska,
- a bonfire near the Green House or at Lake Lednica in Wigwam,

- catering from the Rzepicha inn.

Possibility to order breakfast for PLN 19 and lunch/dinner for PLN 35 depending on the menu and the number of lunches. Regional, meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Cold cuts from a local family butcher, dishes prepared by the Housewives' Circle - including dishes awarded with the Golden Pearl: baked lard, regional parzucha soup, etc. For breakfast, eggs from the happy hens that live to a ripe old age on the farm because they are raised for eggs, not meat.

Pets, upon agreement of the conditions of stay. PLN 10 per night. The owners clean up after the animals, make sure that there is no conflict between local and visiting animals.

Camping prices - additional information

Camping Biwak Lednica. Located in the Lednica Landscape Park, on Lake Lednica, the village of Imiołki. Next to the forest. On the other side, Pola Lednica. The campsite is 5 hectares, places for tents and campers, the ability to connect electricity. In the middle there is a wigwam with a place for a bonfire, benches and tables for about 80 people. Next, the kitchen - the rules of use are set on the spot, gazebos with tables and benches, showers, 2 x 6, WC x 5, a place for a small bonfire, a wild beach with a gentle descent to the lake - unguarded. A meadow by the beach where family workshops take place on weekends: yoga, breathing exercises, etc.

Lednica Camp is open from May to October, in May and from mid-September on weekends or by appointment.

The price list and the program are available on the pages in May.


The rooms are located on 5 mezzanines:
* on the top floor: a 3-bed room and a 4-bed room with a shared bathroom and a view of the lake,
* a double and a triple room with a shared bathroom, overlooking the field and orchard,
* common space below: living room with balcony, sofas, armchairs, large table for board games - view of the lake, library: books, films, board games, puzzles, next to it there is a playroom for small children: toys, blocks, etc.

* below a double room with a bathroom, adapted for people with physical disabilities,

* a 5/6-bed room below, one bunk bed, bathroom and a fully equipped shared kitchen, view of the lake

Each room has a desk or table and Wi-Fi access.

Double rooms are additionally equipped with a fold-out sofa.

The bathrooms have soap and hair dryers. The upper bathroom is with a bathtub, the rest with showers. The house has equipment for a small guest: a cot, a bathtub, a changing table, two highchairs, a potty. Towels are available.

There are no kitchenettes in the rooms. The equipped communal kitchen is at the very bottom.

For guests who organize a party, there is a large room for about 20 people, additionally payable, with a kitchen equipped with fridges, a cooker, a dishwasher, and tableware. Separate entrance and toilet. Only here you can drink alcohol. In front of the room there are tables, chairs and a smoker's corner: sofas and a table with ashtrays.


The Green House is a large all-year brick heated house. Approx 500 m2. 6 living rooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, children's playroom, kitchen. The house consists of 5 mezzanines. WiFi included. You can watch movies together from the library. There is a projector connected to the computer. There is no TV or radio. We do not smoke or drink alcohol at the Green House. To play with alcohol, there is a room with a kitchenette and bathrooms, additionally payable. Pets are allowed in the Green House after prior arrangements. Owners are required to clean up after their pets. And to make sure that they do not come into conflict with other Guests and Hosts. In the area where the Green House is located, there are three cats, one blind, Ruda - a bitch caring for a person with disabilities and Horn - a large cuddly dog, a rooster and two hens and three sheep walking alone. Horn and sheep like to be petted.


Sometimes guests treat mezzanines as apartments. We try not to combine strangers on one mezzanine. Usually on the mezzanine there are two rooms and a bathroom.

About us

The ZIELONY DOM agritourism is run by the Patria Foundation. A midwife on 3 hectares in the Lednica Landscape Park, by the Małe Skrzetuszewskie Lake, next to the Lednickie Fields, in the village of Skrzetuszewo in the Gniezno poviat.

All the money earned by the Foundation goes to charity - creating a world-friendly place. The Foundation cooperates with communities at risk of exclusion, foster families, people with physical disabilities, and refugees. At the same time, it develops the trend of rational nutrition, growing vegetables and fruits on wood chips with minimal water consumption, without chemicals.
In the facility: 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, small library, Wi-Fi. Regardless: a room with kitchen facilities, with a separate entrance, for groups, meetings, workshops, etc.
On the premises: parking lot, place for grilling, place for a bonfire in a wigwam.
Smoking is prohibited in the House. The place for smokers is outside: sofas and a table.

The house is surrounded by meadows, a plum orchard and a lake.


It is possible to participate, by prior arrangement, in yoga classes, breathing exercises, and other workshops. They are often conducted for whole families.

Events and conferences

In the Green House there is a room with a separate entrance, toilets, a fully equipped kitchen for about 20 people.

We invite you to family meetings, trainings, workshops, hen parties, etc.
These types of events can be combined with outdoor events. We organize large closed outdoor events for 100 - 1000 people at the Lednica Camp - a campsite by the Lednica lake.

Individual offer depending on expectations regarding the profile of the event and the number of people.

Our attractions

Facility by the lake - fishing permits in the village next door.
Possibility of organizing canoeing trips, outdoor painting, photography, collecting wild herbs.
Bonfires in the wigwam - for more than 20 people and at the Green House for fewer people.
Culinary workshops, yoga, stress-relieving exercises, others - upon prior notification.

Kayak and bike rental.

Nearby attractions

The house is located on several bicycle and hiking trails, the St. James, wooden churches, the nearest active church of St. Catherine in Waliszewo.
At a distance of 1 km, a wild beach with a gentle descent to the water on Lake Lednica in Imiołki - the area of the Patria Foundation.

Next to it, there is Pole Lednickie with the Museum of John Paul II and Rybą, under which Lednica 2000 youth meetings are held in June.

At a distance of 7 km - on Lake Lednica, Ostrów Lednicki - the baptismal place of Mieszko I and Dobrawa. Next to the Museum of the First Piasts and an open-air museum.

A little further, there is the Piast Trail Miniature Open Air Museum and the Wooden Castle in Pobiedziska. about 8 km.


- bicycle rental with delivery, Rybitwy

- organization of kayaking trips and rental of kayaks with transport, Pobiedziska

- possibility of wakeboarding, paintball in Pobiedziska

- recreational riding on a horse Kociałkowa Górka and Rybno Wielkie

- in September in Bednary, the international agricultural fair Agro Show (8 km), in the remaining months a car track


Breakfast and dinner available on site by prior arrangement.

Wrota Lednickie restaurants, traditional Wielkopolska cuisine, Rzepicha inn - also local dishes in the vicinity; Pobiedziska Greek restaurant, sushi. In the direction of Poznań, a Vietnamese bar.

In Łubowo, about 12 km, an inn operating since 1919, interesting photos inside. Great pork knuckle, pork chop, dumplings, affordable lunch prices

Gniezno: great pizza, traditional and contemporary cuisine, many good places within about 20 km. Everyone will find something for himself


Zielony Dom is located on the Małe Skrzetuszewskie Lake in the Lednica Landscape Park.
Gniezno - 15 km, Bednary - 13 km, Poznań - 35 km. Gniezno County, Greater Poland.


A beautiful place, friendly to the world. Unknown lakes, forests, well-kept villages. A variety of birds, pheasants, geese, roe deer, hares. Swans, herons and cranes by the lakes. Earth - the cradle of the Piast dynasty. The first and second capital of Poland. It is worth coming at least once, and then as your heart tells you.


We cordially invite everyone who wants to stay together, in the company of loved ones. Away from the so-called normal life - to dream, put aside everyday life, maybe put something in order, make decisions. This place will be conducive, will give strength. See you!

Atrybuty / atuty

Rodzaj oferty
pokoje jednoosobowe
pokoje dwuosobowe
pokoje trzyosobowe
pokoje czteroosobowe
pokoje wieloosobowe
akceptacja zwierząt
kot (za dodatkową opłatą 10 PLN) - wymaga dodatkowych ustaleń
mały pies (za dodatkową opłatą 10 PLN) - wymaga dodatkowych ustaleń
pies (za dodatkową opłatą 10 PLN) - wymaga dodatkowych ustaleń
całkowity zakaz palenia
pokoje dla niepalących
internet (w cenie)
ładowanie pojazdów elektrycznych na miejscu (za dodatkową opłatą 50 PLN)
parking dla autokarów na miejscu (za dodatkową opłatą 40 PLN)
parking prywatny na miejscu (w cenie)
parking prywatny ogrodzony na miejscu (w cenie)
W pokojach / domkach
aneks kuchenny
płyta grzewcza
łóżko małżeńskie
biurko do pracy
czajnik elektryczny
kuchnia ogólnodostępna
ekspres do kawy
naczynia i sztućce
płyta grzewcza
sprzęt do prasowania
wspólny salon
świetlica na miejscu
biblioteka na miejscu
pokój gier na miejscu
meble ogrodowe
grill na miejscu
miejsce na ognisko na miejscu
miejsce na piknik na miejscu
kaplica (~1.5 km)
Wyposażenie łazienek
suszarka do włosów
Posiłki i napoje
wyżywienie w obiekcie
dieta cukrzycowa
ekologiczne jedzenie
kuchnia bezglutenowa
kuchnia bezmleczna
kuchnia wegańska
kuchnia wegetariańska
możliwy pobyt bez wyżywienia
obiad (za dodatkową opłatą 35 PLN)
obiad opcjonalne (za dodatkową opłatą 35 PLN)
obiadokolacja (za dodatkową opłatą 40 PLN)
obiadokolacja opcjonalna (za dodatkową opłatą 40 PLN)
pełne wyżywienie (za dodatkową opłatą 60 PLN)
pełne wyżywienie opcjonalne (za dodatkową opłatą 60 PLN)
regionalne produkty spożywcze
specjalne potrawy dietetyczne - wymaga dodatkowych ustaleń
śniadanie (za dodatkową opłatą 20 PLN)
śniadanie opcjonalne (za dodatkową opłatą 20 PLN)
śniadanie i obiadokolacja (za dodatkową opłatą 60 PLN)
śniadanie i obiadokolacja opcjonalne (za dodatkową opłatą 60 PLN)
wyżywienie w pobliżu na miejscu
restauracja (~10 km)
bar (~10 km)
kawiarnia (~1.5 km)
drink bar (~150 km)
sklep spożywczy (~600 m)
Dodatkowe usługi
biurko do pracy na miejscu
boisko sportowe (~700 m)
boisko do piłki nożnej (~3 km)
basen (~120 km)
basen kryty (za dodatkową opłatą)
wypożyczalnia rowerów (~3 km)
trasy rowerowe (~50 m)
spływy kajakowe (~4 km)
sporty wodne
wędkowanie (~1 km)
jazda konna (~5 km)
piesze wycieczki / nordic walking (~500 m)
grzybobranie (~1.5 km)
organizacja wycieczek jednodniowych (~3 km)
lodowisko (~30 km)
Dla dzieci
przyjazny dzieciom
łóżeczko dziecięce
krzesełko do karmienia
nakładka na deskę
pokój zabaw
książki, DVD i muzyka dla dzieci
Udogodnienia dla niepełnosprawnych
przyjazny niepełnosprawnym
dostęp dla wózków inwalidzkich
niska umywalka
bezprogowa kabina prysznicowa
toaleta z uchwytami
miejsce parkingowe dla osób niepełnosprawnych
Przyjazny alergikom
jonizatory powietrza
Organizacja imprez
imprezy integracyjne na miejscu
szkolenia i konferencje na miejscu
komunie na miejscu
sala bankietowa na miejscu
sala konferencyjna
zielone szkoły na miejscu
położony ustronnie
blisko jeziora (~1 km)
blisko lasu (~1.5 km)
Warsztaty / szkolenia
trener personalny na miejscu
warsztaty gotowania na miejscu
warsztaty jogi na miejscu
dezynfekcja jonizatorem powietrza
dezynfekcja pokoi
dezynfekcja powierzchni wspólnych
dezynfekcja ozonem
zakaz wstępu dla osób niezakwaterowanych
zakaz wstępu do pokoi przez personel obiektu w czasie pobytu
widok na jezioro
widok na ogród
Akceptowane waluty
złoty – PLN
euro – EUR
Forma płatności
płatność gotówką
płatność przelewem
Oferta dla
Praca zdalna
dobry zasięg sieci GSM
dobry zasięg sieci Orange
dobry zasięg sieci Play
dobry zasięg sieci Plus
dobry zasięg sieci T-Mobile
ogólnodostępny skaner
przystosowane pokoje
biurko przy oknie
cisza i spokój
zniżka na długi pobyt - wymaga dodatkowych ustaleń

Ważne informacje

zadatek w wysokości 25% opłaty za cały pobyt , który należy wpłacić w ciągu 5 dni od złożenia rezerwacji
opłata klimatyczna
możliwe od godziny 15:00 do 22:00.
możliwe od godziny 11:00 do 17:00
obiekt całoroczny

Pobliskie miejscowości

Kiszkowo ~7.4 km
Gniezno ~16.3 km
Bednary ~10.8 km
Imiołki ~2.0 km
Lednica ~4.2 km
Poznań ~33.1 km

Poszukiwane miejsca w okolicy

- Lednicki Park Krajobrazowy ~ 2.36 km
- Cmentarz Katolicki w Sławnie ~ 2.87 km
- Kościół Św. Mikołaja w Sławnie ~ 2.87 km