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Agrotourism Justynka

  • Agrotourism Justynka
  • Kontakt: Centrum Informacji Meteor,
    czynne w dni robocze: 8.00 - 16.00
    703 400 550, 708 477 507
    (cena za minutę połączenia 2,58 zł brutto)
    tel. kom. 532 101 664
  • per night from: 25 PLN
  • number of beds: 35
  • address: Bystrzyca Górna, Lubachów, dolnośląskie
  • GPS:
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Prices - additional information

Night's lodging. Additional information: prices depend on number of persons, prices depend on season and length of stay. Children up to 4 years old free of charge. We offer attractive discounts for tourist groups.


number of beds: 35

Some rooms with bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with TV set.

we offer room type number price [PLN]
roomfor 2 person(s)350-80/room
roomfor 3 person(s)275-120/room
roomfor 4 person(s)2100-160/room
roomfor 6 person(s)125-40/person


At disposal: generally accessible self-service kitchen, room with TV set. Additionally on the premises: garden, deckchairs, roofed grill. On the premises: parking. We invite all year round.

Events and conferences

We perfectly organize: occasional parties, name-day parties, birthday parties, New Year's Eve balls.

Our attractions

For the active guest we offer mountain bikes.

Nearby attractions

For the active guest: stud farm, ski lifts and slopes, tourist trails.


We offer ability to buy full board: breakfasts, dinners, suppers. We specialize in the following cuisines home cuisine.


The object is located among forests.


We organize: Christmas and New Year's Eve stays, winter camps, holiday stays, camps.


Pogoda Bystrzyca Górna, Pogoda Lubachów, Pogoda Świebodzice, Pogoda Świdnica


Agrotourism Justynka - Bystrzyca Górna - agrotourism in the neighborhood

Agrotourism Justynka - Bystrzyca Górna - accommodation in the neighborhood

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