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Villa Solna

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Prices - additional information

Night's lodging 30-60 PLN per person.

Additional information: prices depend on season and length of stay, prices depend on number of persons.


number of beds: 50

Rooms with bathrooms.

Rooms are equipped with: wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), TV, cordless kettle, beach equipment.

we offer room type number price [PLN]
apartmentfor 2 room(s)3150-250/apartment
roomfor 2 person(s)560-120/room
roomfor 3 person(s)790-150/room
roomfor 4 person(s)3120-180/room


Apartments with 1, 2 rooms.

Apartments with balconies.

Apartment is equipped with: wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), TV, fridge, cordless kettle, beach equipment.


At guests' disposal kitchenette, microwave oven.

On the premises fenced parking lot.

Additionally on the premises: garden, garden furniture.

Nearby attractions

For children play-ground.

For the active guest: sports field, indoor swimming pool, bicycle paths.


In the vicinity: eating house, café.


The facility is located in the quiet surroundings.


Our advantages: close to tourist attractions.


We warmly invite you to a holiday!


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Pogoda Kołobrzeg


Villa Solna - Kołobrzeg - guest rooms in the neighborhood

Villa Solna - Kołobrzeg - accommodation in the neighborhood

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