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  • Metalowiec
  • phone: 15 844-73-96 ; 15 642-18-03
  • fax: 15 842-52-93
  • per night from: 28 PLN
  • number of beds: 86
  • address: ul. 1 Sierpnia 12, Stalowa Wola, podkarpackie
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Prices - additional information

Additional information: prices depend on the standard of a room.


number of beds: 86

Some rooms with bathrooms.

Rooms are equipped with: satellite TV, radio.

we offer room type number price [PLN]
roomfor 1 person(s)3450-70/room
roomfor 2 person(s)1880-120/room
roomfor 4 person(s)4110-140/room


On the premises free parking lot.

Additionally on the premises: kiosk, cash machine.

The facility is adapted for the disabled.

In the facility: 24-hour front desk.


Nice and friendly atmosphere, comfortable rooms guarantee perfect relaxation!

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Pogoda Stalowa Wola


Metalowiec - Stalowa Wola - youth hostels in the neighborhood

Metalowiec - Stalowa Wola - accommodation in the neighborhood

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