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hostels Sandomierz

hostels Sandomierz

hostels Sandomierz

hostels Sandomierz 2 listings - hostels Sandomierz

hostels Sandomierz / Youth Hostel

hostels Sandomierz - Youth Hostel

At guests' disposal: generally accessible bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, common room with TV, cordless kettle, iron. On the premises parking lot. The facility is open from 01.07. to 31.08. The facility is located in the quiet surroundings, by the river Wisła.

center Sandomierz over 10 km

price from 20 PLN for one night's lodging

Zawichost - Sandomierz - Ożarów - hostels - Wyżyna Małopolska

hostels Sandomierz / Dom Wycieczkowy Zacisze

hostels Sandomierz - Dom Wycieczkowy Zacisze

At guests' disposal: cordless kettle, iron, ironing board. On the premises locked parking lot. Additionally on the premises: roofed grill, place for bonfire, garden arbour. The facility is fenced. In the vicinity bar, possibility to buy full board. Breakfast 10 PLN. Lunch 12 PLN. The town centr...

center Sandomierz ~ 1.6 km

price from 50 PLN for one night's lodging

Sandomierz - youth hostels - Kotlina Sandomierska

hostels Sandomierz

hostels Sandomierz 2 listings - hostels Sandomierz


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